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The Team

Mikenzie Blessing

I'm the face/manager of The Assist Lab. So when you join The Assist Lab, you get A LOT of time with good ol' me! (You lucky, duck!)

I'm a mama of three, who loves a good laugh! Murder Mystery stories, iced coffee and drinkware make me incredibly happy. You can typically find me on the golf course or following my kids' sporting events.

I've been working for Jamie for about three years now! At Aue and Company, I handled payroll for 30+ clients (most with different pay dates and ALL with different needs), answered phone calls and emails, managed all social media accounts, as well as Jamie's personal schedule, and took care of most miscellaneous jobs around the office. You could say I am/was Jamie's right-hand woman!

When she came to me with the idea of starting The Assist Lab, I couldn't have been more pumped. I can not WAIT to help you grow your business in any way I can. Wether that be keeping you more ogranized or getting those social media accounts booming with traffic, I'm here for it!

I've been in the marketing industry for SEVEN years. My career has allowed me to market for in home businesses, an assisted living facility, two eye clinics and Aue And Company!


Ready to get rollin'!?

Jamie Aue

Jamie is a boss babe, mama of 2! 

After working for an accounting firm from 2014-2017, she decided to venture out on her own and open Aue And Company, which is what powers The Assist Lab. Aue And Company opened its doors in 2018. Jamie noticed a need within her clients for services that she hadn't yet offered, which led to this expansion! So long story short, with no Jamie, there is no Assist Lab! (She's the bees knees!)

Jamie will handle all things accounting and all things billing for you. She's an accounting guru who is CONSTANTLY learning and growing with the tax and accounting world.

In her personal time, Jamie is kept busy by her two sons who are VERY active in sports. Her husband is active military reserve (God Bless America!), and they're both involved in volunteering with different organizations around Auburn. Jamie loves her two pups and a strong but not-too-sweet cup of coffee. She enjoys new vehicles and the scent "Cashmere Woods"!

Click here to check out Aue And Company!

Samantha Dotson

Samantha is a mama of three and wrapping up her final semester of college! She will graduate this fall with her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing .  

She enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, reading books, or enjoying the outdoors with her family. 

 Samantha's duties within The Assist Lab include helping Mikenzie stay organized, creating social media and web design content, and brainstorming new, trend setting ideas for our clients.  

Sam is incredibly witty and is always coming up with "out of the box" ideas! Her attention to detail is spot on, and her work ethic is next to none. 

The Assist Lab would not be what it is without her! 


Cassie Stahl

Cassie is busy, busy mama of three (see a trend here!?)! Cassie is full of TONS of knowledge on multiple topics, and there is nothing she isn't willing to help with! A former nurse, she is incredibly caring, hard working and brilliant. Cassie enjoys a sweet treat, anything that will make her laugh and driving her kids to and from their many events. She is married to her high school sweetheart and First Class Sergeant, Jake Stahl. Cassie is an accounting guru who will keep (or get) your Quickbooks in tip-top shape! We're constantly in awh of her ability to learn so quickly and to always have a positive attitude!

I reached out to Mikenzie about creating a website for my new business and she went above and beyond my expectations. She was an absolute gem to work with. She was always so quick to respond, offered suggestions, and has the best style! I had a vision of what I wanted, she gathered all the information she needed, and ran with it to make it happen. I was beyond excited to see the final product and I am so grateful I worked with her to get my business advertising started.

I would highly recommend working with The Assist Lab!

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